The story is only just beginning in Rosewood, so prepare yourself...
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Welcome to Pretty Little Liars!
We accept Originals && Canons, we need characters at the moment so feel free to join!
Setting & Updates
We are set in the present day, in Rosewood, Usa.
Updates -- The Site Opening!
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 You nig*as as sweet as pumpkin pie!

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Alexander Jones

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Join date : 2011-05-19

PostSubject: You nig*as as sweet as pumpkin pie!   Fri May 20, 2011 2:34 am

center]Welcome to Rosewood High, Stranger

Alexander Fernando "Alex" Jones

So... Care to introduce yourself

Character Name;; Alexander Jones
Nicknames;; Alex, Great Nig*a, Koukou-Sei Tantei (Highschool Detective), weird spanish guy.
Character Age;; 16
Character Gender;; Male
Sexual Orientation;; Straight
Canon Or Original;; Origianl (But somehow I wanted to say that he was friends with Aria.)
History;; [At least 2 paragraphs] He grew up in Rosewood. He had beem aquantied and was friends with some of the Pretty Little Liars. He was a singer and a dancer, but mystery was his game. He was friends with Aria not close. More like the person you see in the hall and hug friend.

His mom is a Hollywood and Spanish Actress. His dad was black and American and his mom was white and spanish ((Same thing in Real Life)) His dad died in WWII ((Not in real life)) and was a war hero.

He has taken it hard and gotten himself into trouble, he was traveling around with his mom, learing cool things from countries, to knowing hot taste and smell electricity, to martial arts and Parkour ((FreeRunning, Real life)) and read Sherlock Holmes books. He became a kid who helped the Police and made them feel stupid.
Roleplay Sample;; [At least 2 paragraphs]Rekon moved out the way of the Kazekage's hits. He heated up his spit and turned his sand into glass. Rekon chakra came in fire mode. Rekon disinigrated himself and got out sands reach, his sand formed him. "Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet!" Rekon sent a fire dragon at him. Rekon looked, "I WONT LOSE TO YOU!" He yelled.

His Uncle had come, Rekon took a breath. He gave a look to his Uncle like saying Any Oxygen Justu that puts more Oxyen in the air? Rekon looked at the sand guy. Rekons eyes had become the Eight-Tail's eyes. "NO!" Rekon yelled. The Ox was taking over him, one tail already coming out.

((From A Naruto RPG UzuChia V2))

Wait a second, what about the real you?

Real Name;; Kelvin Jones
Real Age;; 12 almost 13
Experience;; I've peen RPing for 3 years now.
How can we contact you?;; Email or PM
Anything Else;; The part where my mom was white and Spanish and my dad was black and American was true. And I do know Martial Arts. Only a little bit of FreeRunning.

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Aria Montgomery

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Age : 24
Location : Rosewood, USA

PostSubject: Re: You nig*as as sweet as pumpkin pie!   Fri May 20, 2011 6:39 am

Unaccepted, there are a few coding & spelling errors in there. Sorry. Also we'd like to remind you that you cannot post anywhere until accepted. Thanks & once again, sorry. Fix your app & then repost for acceptance.

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Emily Fields


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Location : Rosewood.

PostSubject: Re: You nig*as as sweet as pumpkin pie!   Sat May 28, 2011 8:44 am

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PostSubject: Re: You nig*as as sweet as pumpkin pie!   

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You nig*as as sweet as pumpkin pie!
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