The story is only just beginning in Rosewood, so prepare yourself...
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Welcome to Pretty Little Liars!
We accept Originals && Canons, we need characters at the moment so feel free to join!
Setting & Updates
We are set in the present day, in Rosewood, Usa.
Updates -- The Site Opening!
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 'I've got enough dirty to bury them alive'- A

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PostSubject: 'I've got enough dirty to bury them alive'- A   Mon May 09, 2011 5:29 am

Character Name;; I could tell you…but what is the fun of that?
Nicknames;; A.
Character Age;; Does it even matter?
Character Gender;; Not telling. It’s a secret.
Sexual Orientation;; Wouldn’t you like to know?
Canon Or Original;; Canon.
Roleplay Sample;; [At least 2 paragraphs]

Returning to her office once again, was quite the painful struggle. She was especially depressed since she had aimed to reach out to two students in a crisis and had failed miserably. As she scanned the halls for more unstable teenagers, she realized she was running out of options. Emma attempted to reason with the girl, Jessica, the one who eats her own hair...instead she spat a hair ball at her new blouse and cussed at her. Next she tried to reach out to the insecure Swedish exchange student that smelt like lunch meat. He ended up taking their chat the wrong way and transferred to another school...

What was her purpose as an educator if she only made children feel worst about themselves? She was honestly ready to throw in the towel. There was no way she was going to receive that spark she had for helping students and that's when she decided she had one last shot- and that last shot was...Brittany S. Pierce.

If she could influence Brittany and lead her on a path to a brighter future then she could regain that spark. So she called down to the office and demanded they send Brittany here. Emma feeling flushed with anxiety and relief, soaked her hands in anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and waited impatiently for her to arrive.

Real Name;; Emma
Real Age;; 14
Experience;; I play Emma Pillsbury on the , I’ve also done a few glee/harry potter tumblr roleplays here and there.
How can we contact you?;; My sister and I share a tumblr:
Anything Else;; Nope.
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Aria Montgomery

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PostSubject: Re: 'I've got enough dirty to bury them alive'- A   Mon May 09, 2011 5:30 am


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'I've got enough dirty to bury them alive'- A
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