The story is only just beginning in Rosewood, so prepare yourself...
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Welcome to Pretty Little Liars!
We accept Originals && Canons, we need characters at the moment so feel free to join!
Setting & Updates
We are set in the present day, in Rosewood, Usa.
Updates -- The Site Opening!
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 "He stuck his hands in her pantie drawer!"

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Spencer Hastings


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PostSubject: "He stuck his hands in her pantie drawer!"   Sat May 07, 2011 9:47 am

Spencer Hastings

Character Name;; Spencer Hastings
Nicknames;; Spenc, Spencer, anything of the sorts.
Character Age;; 16
Character Gender;; Female
Sexual Orientation;; Straight
Canon Or Original;; Canon
History;; [At least 2 paragraphs]
Spencer is a very smart and intelligent girl who is very active in all things physical and academic. She is very into sports at school and also academic clubs. She lives with both her mother and father and recently her older sister who is "perfect" just moved in with them again. Spencer was best friends with Alison before she died and she was one of the few people who wasn't scared to stand up to Ali. They would get into big fights together but they would always make up after. They also told each other all their secrets, though Alison was slacking a bit when she pretending she had told Spencer all of her secrets.

Spencer was actually the one who got up at the sound of a scream during the night Alison disappeared ad went looking for her outside of the barn alone but never found Alison.

Now Spencer is close with her old friends, Aria, Hanna, and Emily and is mostly unhappy with her family and how unaccepting they can be at times. She is very close with them all again ever since Ali's body was found and they are the few people she really hangs out with, aside from the people at the country club she is a member at and her sports an academic teams.
Roleplay Sample;; [At least 2 paragraphs]
[A thing I wrote as Santana on the glee forum.]
Santana walked up to her room after Brittany had left and went over to her dresser to change into her pajamas. She knew she wasn't going to be doing anything else tonight so she figured she might as well. She looked in her dresser and pulled out some sweatpants and a tank top and tossed them onto her bed. She quickly pulled off the jeans she was wearing and grimaced as she saw her legs, which in reality were relatively muscular and in shape from all the cheering she did, but in her eyes she saw them as thunder thighs. She shook her head and tried to keep her mind off of how big her legs were and quickly pulled on the sweatpants she had picked out. Once her sweatpants were on she pulled the shirt off that she was wearing and once again grimaced as she saw her stomach. She was already fat in her mind and the food baby she had from all that pizza definitely was not helping. She took a deep breath and pulled on the tank top she had picked out before sitting on her bed and thinking. She really did like Mike and the fact that he was probably mad at her for sleeping with Sam really killed her. She didn't regret sleeping with Sam because Sam really was a nice guy and she had a good time with him. She just wished that Mike wasn't so hurt by it.

She stood up from her bed and walked into her bathroom, if she was going to get Mike to like her again she was definitely going to have to try harder. He wasn't going to like her if she stayed how she was now, a fat and ugly bitch. She walked over to the toilet and took a deep breath, she really hated throwing up because it was really disgusting but she was going to have to do it if she wanted to stay on the Cheerios and not look the way she did. So she did it, she forced herself to throw up all of the pizza that she ate earlier that day. Once she was done she walked over to her bathroom sink and washed her mouth out with mouthwash and brushed her teeth because throwing up really was disgusting and she did not need rotten teeth on top of everything else wrong with her body.

She walked out of her bathroom and sat back down on her bed and then he popped back into her mind. She just could not seem to stop thinking about Mike and it was bothering her to no end. She liked Mike and she couldn't control it as much as she wish she could. She didn't want to like Mike because having feelings for anyone scared her to no end considering the last time she had feelings for someone they ended up getting with her friend and they stopped talking to her completely and she would much rather be friends with Mike and ignore her feelings, than to address her feelings and have him leave her for Brittany or Tina.

She let out a deep sigh as she sat there on her bed. She didn’t want to think of any of this anymore, she didn’t want to think about reality, and she didn’t want to feel anything. She needed to just escape all of these thoughts for a few hours. She looked over to her trash can, the one that had just the bottle of cough syrup that she had thrown out earlier. She knew she promised Brittany she wouldn’t do it again but she did have some cough syrup left and it would be a shame to waste it. She would just do it one last time, only a third time in total.
She stood up and walked over to her trash can and looked down into it, seeing just the bottle of cough syrup sitting in it. She reached down to it and picked it up and went over to her door to close it before walking back over to her bed and sitting back down. She took a deep breath and looked in the bottle, it looked to have about four more doses in it which was the max for someone of her size to take. She hadn’t taken that many before but it couldn’t hurt, could it? It wasn’t like she was going over the maximum and she needed to escape from the world right now. She opened the bottle and drank the rest of it quickly before she tossed the bottle in her trash can again now that is was empty. She laid down on the bed, feeling the drug completely take over her rather quickly. She let out a deep breath as her vision blurred slowly and she lost all desire to move at all. Her head rolled to the side as she lost all control of thoughts at all, nothing was on her mind. It the best feeling she could experience and she didn’t know how to describe it. She loved the feeling of not being able to feel anything at all.

Only an hour after drinking it she opened her eyes, her eyes not even being able to see any objects in her room instead just seeing one big blur. She couldn’t make out what was what and everything was just blurred together. After having her eyes open for only a matter of seconds everything went black. She couldn’t feel her body at all. She lost complete control of her mind, her body, everything. She just laid there for a few moments longer before she blacked out completely, in a house, by herself.

Wait a second, what about the real you?

Real Name;; Angela
Real Age;; 16
Experience;; I RP as Santana on a glee forum and I RP as 4 different characters on a Harry potter forum. I have also done some tumblr RP's here and there.
How can we contact you?;; PM me on this site or my tumblr is
Anything Else;; Nope! Not that I can think of!
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Emily Fields


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Location : Rosewood.

PostSubject: Re: "He stuck his hands in her pantie drawer!"   Sat May 07, 2011 9:50 am

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Aria Montgomery

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PostSubject: Re: "He stuck his hands in her pantie drawer!"   Sat May 07, 2011 9:51 am

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PostSubject: Re: "He stuck his hands in her pantie drawer!"   

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"He stuck his hands in her pantie drawer!"
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