The story is only just beginning in Rosewood, so prepare yourself...
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Welcome to Pretty Little Liars!
We accept Originals && Canons, we need characters at the moment so feel free to join!
Setting & Updates
We are set in the present day, in Rosewood, Usa.
Updates -- The Site Opening!
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 'We Swim On The Same Team'.

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Emily Fields


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Join date : 2011-05-07
Location : Rosewood.

PostSubject: 'We Swim On The Same Team'.    Sat May 07, 2011 8:51 am

Character Name;; Emily Fields.
Nicknames;; Em, Killer.
Character Age;; 17.
Character Gender;; Female.
Sexual Orientation;; Lesbian.
Canon Or Original;; Canon.
History;; [At least 2 paragraphs] Emily Fields is an ambitious, competitor swimmer who was a former member of the most iconic clique in Rosewood along with Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Ali. Emily was well known as the meekest and sensitive one of the bunch for she was more shy and liked to keep from herself. To the naked eye, the dynamic between the friends seemed picture perfect…but in reality; everyone had something scandalous to hide. Like Emily for example, who had been questioning her sexuality due to her fatal attraction and lust towards her best friend Alison. The truth had been revealed when she let her temptations get the best of her and kissed her in the library. Although, Emily was almost certain that Ali had reciprocated the kiss for even the slightest of seconds…Ali cruelly rejected her and used the secret against her.
Ali was the only one who knew about Emily’s genuine feelings so one night when Ali had suddenly vanished, Emily had convinced herself that wherever Ali had disappeared to..,her secret went with her. The loss of her friend was a total devastation, particularly for Emily who had undisputable adoration for her.
Yet to their dismay, Emily’s theories had been all wrong and her dreaded past had come back to haunt her when she (along with the others) received anonymous texts threatening to leak all their deepest, darkest secrets. At first, they had believed it to be Ali since it was established she was the only one with access and knowledge towards it all. But when her body is suddenly uncovered…they are hit with the realization that someone else knows everything. And if they aren’t willing to do as they say, with the dirt they have on them…they’d easily be able to burry them all alive.
Currently, Emily lives with her mother while her dad is stationed in the army. Despite her current relationship with Ben…her familiar feelings and attraction towards girls have returned. Emily finds herself falling in love with the new girl on the block, Maya St. German, a secret that could destroy her forever.
Roleplay Sample;; [At least 2 paragraphs]
[Something I wrote as Sam on the Glee Forum]
Sam couldn't help it as his mouth tugged into a smug smile. He was delighted that Blaine was amused with another one of his comedic impressions. In which he had made up on the spot but still delivered another humorous performance. "Yes, sir." Sam nodded enthusiastically as he let out a hardy laugh. "I'll never stop." Yet as he witnessed Blaine's expression shift into a more serious grimace. When he had acknowledged that they both were well aware that the reason that Blaine was here didn't involve juvenile impersonations, Sam drew in a heavy sigh. He nodded at Blaine to continue as he fiddled with the strings on his hoodie, while still listening intently to every spoken word.

What seemed to pour out of Blaine's mouth had left such an emotional impact on Sam. The whole topic had been untouched for what seemed like forever ago to Sams sudden transfer to McKinley and then the way he had totally redeemed himself from his past in order to make his parents proud and to live what seemed like a successful, happy life in high school. Yet here Blaine was, bringing back the whole incident and questioning Sam for his undetermined behavior towards it all.

When it seemed as if Blaine had finished, Sam took a deep breath as he let his words fully sink in. When he was ready, he allowed the words to pour out of him:

"I ran off on you because..." Sam closed his eyes, in desperate search for the right things to say. "I ran off on you because..I-I-was ashamed," he stammered the last bit. "Not of you. Not of us. Not even of my parents but of...myself. Sure, it was humiliating having my parents walk in on us, like really, really-humiliating. They'll probably never look at me the same again. But I had an epiphany that very same day, if we were to continue what we had from that day forward...I'd just be dragging you along for such a painful ride. Things like that were going to occur alot more with me as your boyfriend. A part of me was selfish and wanted you for myself but another part of me knew that it was best if we broke things off." He hesitated as he tried to read Blaine's reaction. "I don't believe that the way I did it was the best...definitely not. But you have to know my heart was in the right place." Pausing again, he caught his breath after rambling for so long. "I thought of you everyday after that night...even during my first few weeks at McKinley. Despite everything you always seemed to have crossed my mind..."

Sam had to battle with every urge of his body to refrain himself from shedding a single tear. "I wept like a baby the night I went to Dalton to break things off, it hurt most parents didn't make me. Hell, they weren't even speaking to me at the time. I made myself do it. All I wanted was for you to be happy and to you know, live your life...find real love- like Kurt. Without me setting you back...I suspected if I had completely vanished from your life this whole thing would have just been a bundle of memories. I guess I was mistaken."

He officially had lost control and now was sobbing immensely as the tears streamed down his face. Dramatically, he fell down to his knees and crumpled up into a ball. "I'm so sorry, Blaine," he mumbled through his tears.

Real Name;; Kayla
Real Age;; 15.
Experience;; I roleplay as Sam Evans on:
How can we contact you?;; tumblr:,
Anything Else;; It’s Friday.
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Aria Montgomery

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Age : 24
Location : Rosewood, USA

PostSubject: Re: 'We Swim On The Same Team'.    Sat May 07, 2011 8:58 am

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Emily Fields


Posts : 7
Join date : 2011-05-07
Location : Rosewood.

PostSubject: Re: 'We Swim On The Same Team'.    Sat May 07, 2011 9:06 am

Aha, already did! And thank-you very "Aria Approving me". Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 'We Swim On The Same Team'.    

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'We Swim On The Same Team'.
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