The story is only just beginning in Rosewood, so prepare yourself...
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Welcome to Pretty Little Liars!
We accept Originals && Canons, we need characters at the moment so feel free to join!
Setting & Updates
We are set in the present day, in Rosewood, Usa.
Updates -- The Site Opening!
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 The Rulebook

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Aria Montgomery

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PostSubject: The Rulebook   Fri May 06, 2011 3:42 am

The Rulebook,

Hello, Zoë here. Right, before you join I'm gonna have to lay down some ground rules. I do understand that we all hate them, so I'm making them simple & easy to understand. So here goes:

First of all, I wanna ask you to show RESPECT for all Admins, Moderators & other members. Next, I'd like to point out that this is a PG-13 roleplay. This means that your posts can contain swearing, violence & scenes of a sexual nature. Although, there is a LIMIT as to how far you can go with those posts, if you cross it your topic will be put in the MATURE[b] section. You can carry on the topic there. While we are talking about posts, please post in [b]3RD PERSON, use a minimum of 50 WORDS and in the PAST TENSE. Last, but by no means least use CELEBRITY PLAY BYS. Also, we ask that you keep ONCE. Log in at least once every few days, you will be BANNED if you do not stay active & haven't informed an admin. Inform us by PM. If you are un-active & are a canon, the canon will be made available again. One last thing, we ask no more then 1 CANON per person & no GODMODDING

Thanks x
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The Rulebook
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